MWCB - Dennis Rodman x McDonalds

MWCB - Dennis Rodman x McDonalds

In 1996 - just a few months before the Chicago Bulls would win their first title after Jordan's comeback, McDonalds aired this commercial featuring Dennis Rodman and a set of special color-changing cups. And if Rodman is known for anything else than his reckless playstyle, it's his hairstyles. So, if you combine the idea of color-changing cups and Rodman's crazy hairstyles, you get what you see in this commercial - special cups with images of Dennis Rodman with hair that changes color when filled with an ice-cold beverage.

The first cups featured a Dennis Rodman with blond hair that changes either to green, blue or pink. McDonalds distributed 20.000 Rodman cups as a promotion during a Bulls game at the United Center in 1996. The demand for the cups was very high, so a wider distribution through McDonalds ensued a few months after the first promotion.

Some time after the first commercial, another set of cups with different color switches was released and there also was a special cup for the 1997 championship. Full sets can sometimes be found online for purchase and these surely are a must-have for Bulls fans.

We really miss promotional goodies like these cups today, not only for players and sports, but also for movies etc.

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