BTP - 1996 Starter Dallas Cowboys

BTP - 1996 Starter Dallas Cowboys

We have a very special vintage piece in our selection for you - a Dallas Cowboys Sweater from Starter from 1996. You can find the sweater here!

Vintage Starter Dallas Cowboys Sweater

We want to tell you the story behind the piece. The sweater celebrates the 1996 Super Bowl victory of the Dallas Cowboys against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This Super Bowl was the 30th of its kind and also the last Super Bowl the Cowboys have won to date. This victory can also be considered the end of a Cowboys era, as the took their third in four years with this Super Bowl win. But maybe this year the Dallas team can celebrate a success and leave the stadium with the coveted Lombardi Trophy.

The special thing about the match-up of the two teams was that they set a joint record. That's because no other two teams have faced each other in the Super Bowl as many times as the Steelers and Cowboys - three times.

Perhaps a good sign: Super Bowl XXX was the first Super Bowl to be held in Arizona. And this year's Super Bowl will be held in Arizona again - perhaps a good omen to break the curse.

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