We're entering Christmas season with our very own little Gift Shop filled with handmade & hand curated goodies that will make a perfect gift for your loved ones!

The Gift Shop includes a Special Vintage Christmas Sweater Drop, Upcycled Carhartt Bags, Nike DIY Candles & Planters, Deadstock 90s Beanies, Posters and Headbands as well as some of our DDV Merch. There's a "Buy 2, Get 3" Special on all items included in the Gift Shop. Just add 3 items to your shopping cart and the discount will automatically apply and you'll get the cheapest item for free. Scroll through all Gift Shop items below!


Seasons Greeting from the Double Double Team! Thank you all for the continuous support over the last 3 years that we've been doing this. From my Grandparents' Basement to a Real Onlineshop and our very own First Store, it has been an absolute crazy fun ride that wouldn't be possible without all the love and support we get from all of you. Lots of more to come!


Niklas, Simon & the Team