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Double Double Hoop Tees

Double Double Hoop Tees now availabe! Four colors, two styles per color, very limited quantities. Inspired by our passion for Basketball and 90s asthethics we created some tees for the summer....

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Renovation Double Double Store Mannheim

Wir machen Sommerpause! Sozusagen. Am Samstag den 04. Juli hat unser Laden in Mannheim zum vorerst letzten Mal geöffnet. Nach ein paar Renovierungsarbeiten kommen wir Mitte September mit einigen Überraschungen zurück!

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Nike Tie Dye Socks Vol. 2

New Nike Tie Dye Socks dropping Wednesday 8PM in a variety of colors 🎨 every pair hand dyed by us! Check our video for some inspiration how to kill your spare time. Shop here! Video by Niklas Wolfmeyer (

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